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Drinking tube holder

A comfortable solution - bye bye clasp!
Author: Steffen Brunk, Germany
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One or two times a year I go hiking with friends. Usually, we are out and about for approx. one week with everything that you need to survive: "field kitchen", tent, food, etc.
Before this years' hike in May I realized at the very last moment that the clasp that holds my drinking tube was missing. Without it, the drinking tube hangs down all the time and loses water - and water is very important when hiking. I had only 2 minutes left before we had to go to the train.

In a matter of seconds, it became clear: In no time I ripped off two strips of standard duct tape. I used one to attach a S-12-06-N to the strap of the backpack. The other one taped three small S-05-02-N52N to the drinking tube.
I could have done it a bit more nicely (the whole thing looks rather wrinkled), but at the time I was in a hurry. However, the construction fulfilled its mission perfectly.
That's what a happy tinkerer looks like
That's what a happy tinkerer looks like
During the one week hike the drinking tube did not fall down once, and I could just grab it if I wanted to drink during a quick break (or also during an ascent).
No futzing around anymore: Just take the tube, drink and then "hang it up" again: GREAT!
I liked the construction so much that I don't even use the original tube holder anymore.
But I improved the design a little bit:
I attached the small S-05-02-N52N disc magnets to the drinking tube with a transparent adhesive tape. It looks a little bit more elegant this way.
Also, the duct tape on the strap of the backpack is now a little less prominent. But it still holds the big disc magnet in its place.
Now, people can marvel at the elegant and practical construction!
Caution: People with a heart pacemaker must not carry magnets near the chest (like here on the strap of the backpack)!