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Gauss cannon

For shooting off steel sphere - very impressive!
Author: Rien Wesselink, Enschede, Netherlands, [email protected]
Online since: 30/10/2008, Number of visits: 340790
Table of Contents
In order to shoot off small sphere magnets, I built a so-called Gauss cannon. It is also known as a Gauss pistol or Gauss gun.

Materials needed

Instructions for building a Gauss cannon

To build a Gauss cannon, you will need to mount several W-12-N cube magnets (alternatively block magnets) in a row to a stiff board or a rail. It's best to attach the magnets so they attract each other; if the magnets repel each other, they tend to twist under the adhesive tape.
Next, place two steel balls 13 mm loosely behind each magnet. To trigger the shot with the Gauss gun, place another steel sphere just before the first magnet (the left one in the pictures). The video attached below shows how the homemade Gauss cannon works.
Find a construction manual and slow-motion footage of the Gauss canon in action here:

Note from the supermagnete team: A similar application is the project The Launching Pad.