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Hanging up paper lanterns and wind chimes

Easily attach balcony decoration with magnets
Author: Tim Lammert / Hans Günter Nikolayczyk, Germany
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Flexible attachment of decoration material on the balcony

Colourful paper lanterns, wind chimes and outdoor lights enhance any balcony or winter garden. Thanks to magnets, you can attach and take them down easily without leaving any trace. This is good news, especially for renters who are not allowed to drill holes on the balcony but don't want to go without decorations.
On balconies with steel beams, the magnets can be attached directly to the ceiling or the railing. Even balconies without steel beams can use magnets, but they will need counter magnets.
The customer reports below explain the two different options.
The following applies to both options:
  • During prolonged outdoor use, it is essential to protect the magnets from corrosion.
  • To completely avoid scratches on surfaces, you should equip the hook magnets with rubber caps of a suitable size (linked to the respective magnet).

Version 1: Balcony with steel beam

Report by Hans Günter Nikolayczyk, Germany:
In the summer, we like to be enchanted by wind chimes and Chinese lanterns. But how do you best hang them up? Since it is explicitly mentioned in our rental agreement that we must not drill holes in the balcony, we had to turn to magnets.
The solution were pot magnets with carabiners type KTN-32 to which we could easily attach wind chimes and different lanterns.
After the fall we take down the decoration and magnets without leaving a trace.

Version 2: Balcony without steel beam

Report by Tim Lammers, Germany:
I ordered various magnets from you to hang up my wife's pretty lanterns in the winter garden and on the porch roof. Only after I received the magnets I realised that we have an aluminium construction, to which magnets don't adhere of course. I didn't want to drill or glue either.
Hence, I decided to hang up the lanterns on hook magnets Ø 32 mm (available in different colours) and attch counter magnets on the outside of the roof.
Despite the wind, they stay in place perfectly and look great.

Counterpart magnet with corrosion protection

Since the counter magnets are attached to the roof and therefore outdoors, I had to protect them from corrosion.
Hence, I ordered these little aluminium tins, which are available at online shops for cheap.
In them, the counter magnet – a strong block magnet type Q-20-20-10-N – has enough room and sufficient protection.

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