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Interior lighting in a transporter

Nothing throws this lighting out of kilter
Author: Paul Kögler, Ottendorf, Germany
Online since: 28/05/2008, Number of visits: 300195
My problem was the interior lighting in my wife's transporter. The two 5-watt Soffitt lamps in the loading space were much too weak and often broken.
I therefore took a mountable light with an energy-saving lamp and attached it to the ceiling of the loading space. The magnet that came with the light quickly proved too weak for the application: Driving too fast over a speed bump or a light bump of the shoulder while loading the transporter and the lamp fell immediately from the ceiling and dangled uselessly from the power cord.
Then I thought of the magnet set and I used 12 flat block magnets, which I glued to the base of the lamp.
Now the lamp hangs and holds perfectly :-). If you accidentally bump into it while loading, the light tips to one side but rights itself immediately, as if by magic.