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Magnets instead of a bicycle clip

Simple protection against dirty trousers
Author: Anonymous
Online since: 21/04/2011, Number of visits: 71502
Since I cycle to work every day, my right trouser leg often gets dirty with the grease and grime from the bicycle chain. Trouser clips, of course, can prevent this from happening, but they don’t last very long (because they wear out or become brittle) and they don’t look very nice either.
The solution to the problem are your wonderfully small and strong magnets: Simply fold the excess fabric against the outside of the right leg, then secure it with a small magnet (e.g. W-07-N) each on the inside and the outside of the fabric. And with that, you have your own DIY bicycle clip! The magnets are hardly noticeable, do not damage the fabric and hold together reliably even through thick denim. And because the magnets are on the outside of the leg, there is no danger that they attach themselves to the bicycle.
The following video shows it once more in detail.
In addition, when you park the bike, you can simply attach the magnets to a cable on the underside of the frame, where no one will notice them and where they won't get lost. Storage is therefore much easier and more discreet than is the case with regular bicycle clips.

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