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Silencing spray cans

Relief for hypersensitive artist’s ears thanks to super magnets :-)
Author: A.V.S., Barcelona, Spain
Online since: 20/04/2010, Number of visits: 76159
Here in Spain, many artists like myself and my colleagues work with spray cans. Of course, we often carry our spray cans around. And, if we are having a bad day, the clicking sound caused by the ball rolling around inside the can is very annoying.
Thanks to your magnets, we were able to silence those spray cans: We attached two rod magnets type S-05-08-N next to each other on the spray can (see picture below). After a quick shake, the ball inside the can attaches to one of the magnets – and we won’t be bothered anymore by all that “noise”!
The video below shows how well this works: