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Splash guard in the kitchen

An inventive covering makes for some diversification in the kitchen
Author: Anonymous
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We built a creative splash guard with your great magnets.
We ordered big glass plates made of normal glass (6 mm thick). We put the plates on an aluminium bus on the wall. For each glass plate we bought 6 countersunk pot magnets (CSN-16) from supermagnete and we screwed them in regular intervals on the kitchen walls.
For the discs we had polished magnetic stainless steel plates (diameter of 22 mm and thickness of 3 mm) fabricated.
These discs were glued to the glass at the height of a CSN-16 with a superglue for glass (we recommend Pattex Blitz Glas, that does not leave a white film).
The mounted splash guard, without decoration
The mounted splash guard, without decoration
Now you can place various motifs behind the splash guard, since you can take the splash guard down and reattach it with little effort.
Note from the supermagnete team: Please note: The weight of the glass panel rests on the aluminium rail and not on the magnets. The magnets just hold the panel in place so it doesn't tip over. The glass here is too thick to be hung up on magnets.