FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I print on magnetic labels?

You bought our magnetic labels and now you are wondering how to print on them neatly? Here are some helpful tips.

Labelling alternatives

There are various ways you can print on your labels:
  1. Write by hand on the blank insert that comes with each label.
  2. Write by hand on the blank insert that you can purchase from us separately.
  3. Print small labels on a label printer and stick them on the provided blank insert or the buyable blank insert.
  4. Print on normal paper with a laser printer and cut it to size. For that purpose you can download our provided word print templates (see further down) and show the gridlines for easy cutting. Or even better: Print the gridlines on the backside and the text on the front. Then cut along the gridlines (using a guillotine is recommended).
  5. Professional: Print on our perforated blank inserts in A4 format with a laser printer. More tips below.

Laser printer on blank insert

If you decided on professional labelling with a laser printer on blank inserts, the following tips might be helpful:
  1. You can download a word template for any C-profile (see below).
  2. If you want to print data from an Excel spreadsheet, you need to make sure that the Excel table has the same dimensions as the table in the Word document. Then you can copy the cells and before inserting them in Word you select the same cells in the Word document. That ensures that the Excel cells are shown in Word table cells and not squashed into one cell. So, if you want to fill a 2 x 7 Word table, you need to select 2 x 7 Excel cells.
  3. Immediately after inserting the data all cells remain selected. This is a good time to right-click with the mouse, select format cells/alignment and centre all the texts.
  4. If you don't print on the whole sheet, you can fill in the data bottom up and rip off the used lines. This allows you to use the sheet multiple times, until there is about a third of it left. If you print from top down and rip it off, the upper page margin is off and the sheet won't feed correctly.
  5. With the small labels, don't print too close to the upper and lower edges, because part of the label is covered by the C-profile.
  6. The feeder of a printer is often not exact to the tenth of a millimetre. Therefore, print a sample page on a normal sheet of paper and hold it behind the blank insert to see if everything is centred right. Otherwise, correct the uppper page margin in the document.
You can find tips for using templates (e.g. filling in data from Excel tables) in the paragraph above.


Below the exact measurements of the perforated blank inserts in A4 format.
Article           Width        Height              Page margin top        Page margin left
Magnetic labels 40 x 10 mm 40 mm 7.47 mm 9.75 mm 5 mm
Magnetic labels 60 x 20 mm 60 mm 17.4 mm 9.3 mm 15 mm
Magnetic labels 80 x 30 mm 80 mm 27.2 mm 12.5 mm 25 mm
Magnetic labels 100 x 40 mm 100 mm 36.9 mm 19.35 mm 5 mm