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Which magnets are suitable for whiteboards?

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Supermagnete offers various strong magnets that are especially suitable for whiteboards, blackboards, magnetic flip charts and whiteboard sheets.

Office magnets

We carry office magnets in many colours, shapes, and sizes. Thanks to the embedded neodymium magnets, they can hold up to 20 A4 sheets securely on the whiteboard.
The office magnets of the series "Boston Xtra" have the additional advantage that the embedded magnet is set slightly to the back. Therefore, the magnet cannot damage the fragile surface of the whiteboard.

Magnetic tapes, magnetic sheets & magnetic frames

You can use magnetic sheet and magnetic tape to cut out your own signs and symbols to use on the whiteboard (for brainstorming perhaps).
With the magnetic frames in A4 and A5 formats in 4 colours each, you can hang up and protect schedules, statistics or notes in a flexible way.

Raw magnets

If you like it simplistic, you recommend discreet neodymium magnets (spheres, cubes, rods). These magnets are easy to grasp and can be moved around quickly. They are especially suitable for thin documents.

Coated neodymium magnets

The following applies to all neodymium magnets: Do not move them around on the whiteboard or blackboard without a sheet of paper in between as this may cause scratches.
We recommend using plastic or rubber coated neodymium magnets, which protect whiteboards from scratches:

Other accessories

We also carry many whiteboard accessories in our web shop, such as magnetic symbols, magnetic board cleaner, and magnetic pen holders.