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Tütenhüter set of 6 Swiss Edition

bag sealing system, set of 6 with 3 sizes, red/white

Item number TUT-01/swiss
Unit of Sale 1 set
Brand: Tütenhüter
Price and rebate
1 set 20,79 EUR/set
from 3 sets 19,75 EUR/set
incl. VAT plus shipping

20,79 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

promptly deliverable

Available: 66 sets

Delivery time: 3-8 business days

Swiss Edition

Number of sets


The Tütenhüter, which translates to bag keeper, will quite literally keep your bags, so they stay securely closed and protect your food from spoiling. The clever "Made in Switzerland" bag sealing system reliably seals open bags and other packaging made of aluminium, plastic and paper so that they are airtight and watertight. The material used to make the Tütenhüter is also dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe.

The Tütenhüter chip clips aren’t just practical accessories for sealing packages of pasta, coffee, spices, cheese or breakfast cereal in the kitchen but also perfect for on the go. These bag clips seal bags of crisps or dried fruits so you can save space and keep them securely in your backpack.

A set of 6 includes two chip clips each with a length of 14 cm, 18 cm and 22 cm. Now you are ready for any size of bag. We carry several trendy colours in our assortment:

  • Coral red: Two Tütenhüter sticks each in the colours salmon, coral red and maroon
  • Turquoise: Two Tütenhüter sticks each in the colours light green, turquoise and light blue
  • Swiss Edition: Six Tütenhüter sticks in red/white
  • Black: Six Tütenhüter in black
  • White: Six Tütenhüter in white

Also discover our Tütenhüter bag sealers sold individually in various sizes.

Technical data

Article ID TUT-01/swiss
EAN 7629999713253
Version Swiss Edition
Size 1 14 cm
Size 2 18 cm
Size 3 22 cm
Made in Switzerland
Design Organisation accessory
Weight 100 g/set