Windshield protection foil 2 in 1

sun & frost protection all in one, for magnetic attachment on the car
promptly deliverable


This windshield cover is an extremely practical windshield cover in the summer and winter alike: It keeps your car cool in the summer and protects the windshield from frost or snow in the winter. The foil is very light but stable and can be folded up and put away in the enclosed orange-coloured bag. The black fabric of the windshield cover is soft to prevent scratches. The neodymium magnets are sewn into the fabric and pose no danger for the paint on your car.

It's easy to attach:
  1. Unfold the car protective foil and place it on the bonnet with the silver side up. The 5 strong magnets that are sewed into the foil will keep it securely in place.
  2. Pull the foil over the windshield.
  3. Attach the two elastic straps on your exterior mirrors.
  4. If you expect strong winds, it is recommended to jam the sides of the windshield cover in the car doors.
    Attention: If the forecast calls for rain, you should keep them outside so the saturated cover does not get the inside of your car wet!

Technical data

Article ID M-89
EAN 7640155439374
Width 140 cm
Height 101 cm
Colour Silver
Material Cotton and aluminium foil
Weight 390 g