Magic cube 3x3

speed cube magnetic, WeiLong GTS2M by MoYu
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The WeiLong GTS2M by MoYu features integrated magnets which have an extremely positive effect on the solving accuracy. In addition, the 3x3 magic cube impresses with excellent corner cutting and comfortable ease of motion. All these attributes make the WeiLong GTS2M an ideal cube for speedcubing. Fun fact: The current world record is 3,47 seconds. But the WeiLong GTS2M is not just for advanced players. Beginners, who want to strengthen their concentration and practice their patience will also enjoy this magic cube.

Technical data

Article ID TG-CUBE-01
EAN 6970647060542
Length 55,5 mm
Material ABS
Suitable for 4 years
Weight 88 g