Name tag magnetic Business

name tags with PET card holder, including magnet and blank insert, set of 10
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At a conference, wedding or birthday party: Your employees, clients or guests will look their best with this name tag in business card size. It is easy to attach, protects the clothing and impresses with strong adhesion.

The Business name tag includes a cardholder, a metal plate and a counterpart containing two neodymium magnets. Simply insert a business card and your name tag is ready! It is reusable, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The names tags come in a convenient, stackable box. Each box contains 10 pieces and can double as a storage container for the name tags.

Caution: People with pacemakers need to wear this name tag on the right side of their body! A warning is attached to the back of the magnet.
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Technical data

Article ID M-35
EAN 7640155433457
Material NdFeB
Quantity per set 10 pieces
Colour Transparent
Length 90 mm
Width 57 mm
Weight 180 g/set

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Available: 265 pcs.

Additional features and tips

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For a wedding, anniversary or birthday party: Create your own cards that are appropriate even for festive events. Thanks to the magnetic fastener you can attach the name tag without needle on a festive blouse or dress.

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Even thick fabrics, such as a leather jacket as depicted, are no problem for the M-35.
For quick, individual and professional printing (laser and inkjet) of business-card-size cards (54 x 85 mm): Avery Zweckform C32011. Enough for 100 business cards.
Convincing trio: Name tag magnetic Freestyle, the smart name tag holder for any size. Name tag magnetic Business, the business-card-size name tag and the Blank business cards for individual printing of suitable cards.