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Smart putty 'Amethyst'

changes colour during kneading, purple/neon-pink, not magnetic!

Item number M-PUTTY-CAMO/cristal
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Brand: Intelligente Knete
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The smart putty 'Camo' impresses with amazing tricks and fascinating effects. You can shape it, knead it, pull it, rip it, or let it bounce. Additional feature: It changes colour when you knead it due to the heat buildup! Available in 4 colours: Sunshine (orange-yellow), Gecko (green-light green), Amethyst (purple-pink) and Twilight (dark blue-light blue). The magic putty comes in a handy metal container.

Other nice characteristics of this smart putty:

  • Does not contain water and therefore does not dry out
  • Feels neither sticky nor slimy
  • Does not stain hands during kneading
  • Is non-toxic and therefore suitable for children 4 years and older

Technical data

Article ID M-PUTTY-CAMO/cristal
EAN 8594164760082
Intelligente Knete
Table of Contents 80 g
Colour Amethyst
Weight 140 g
When you dip the putty into cold or hot water it intensifies the colour effect. In the picture on the left the putty is in hot water, on the right in ice water.
Depending on the type and strength of force applied, the putty displays very different features and behaviours.

That makes not only for great entertainment; it also has practical applications:
Thanks to its relatively firm consistency, it is used as therapy putty, helps with smoke withdrawal and stress reduction.
Of course you can mix the different colours. But watch out: They will not come apart again!